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Athens Partner Meeting

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The YCreate partner meeting held in Athens consisted of project leaders, trainers and peer mentors. There was a lot to get through looking at the entire project reviewing both what had already been achieved and setting targets and goals moving forward. A large section was spent looking at the structure of the session plans we were going to place on the YCreate website platform.

Everyone really enjoyed trying out some exercises from the already existing lesson plans. There was lots of debate about the famous Blue/Gold dress! This was projected on a big screen and true to form the group was split on what colours they saw. We also practically explored the ‘Where do you stand?’ exercise which produced lots of healthy debate. As did, ‘Whatsappening’ which highlighted the stereotypes we place on differing members of our society in the wider context we confirmed what would be the 6 categories for the session plans deciding upon Creative Engagement, Conflict Resolution, Recognising Hate Speech and Bigotry, Mis/Disinformation, Promoting Citizenship and Democratic Values, and Understanding Hate Speech. In addition, the website is developing nicely and all partners fed into the decisions for final design and agreed deadlines for completion. It was agreed that all energy was into making this as practical a working tool as possible.

We were given a tour of the amazing Smile of the Child and were inspired by the range of work that they engage in. Athens was beautiful and everybody left feeling invigorated and inspired. Thank you to the Smile of the Child (Greek partners) for their hospitality!



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