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Newsletter #1

Ycreate is an Erasmus+ funded project with partners from six European countries. The main objective is to empower young people in diversity, in respect, in the culture of equality and in dynamic contrast to hate speech, disinformation, misinformation, and fake news that pollute social spaces, especially virtual ones.

The project's activities will take place through a path based on creativity, peer mentoring, and the training of young qualified professionals who work daily with young people and can enhance this active role of recognition and fight against hatred.

The YCreate project partnership will develop:

- Curriculum Programme: to improve the competences and skills of European youth workers, tutors, facilitators and community artists to empower young creatives as peer mentors;

- Toolkit: tailored guidance and resources for and co-designed by young creatives – performers, writers and aspiring producers –to act as youth leaders and peer mentors;

- Human Podcast: As a legacy of the fundamental research, it will also be created, inspired by the Danish project, a space for dialogue and discussion about issues, protected and out of prejudice.

The YCreate consortium met in December 2022 in Rome for a transnational meeting and to lay the foundations of the "Community of Practice" of young creatives to validate at a transnational level the Curriculum Programme and to support the project development through the co-design of the Toolkit.

We are all very excited about the status of the YCreate project, and we will give you further updates in the following newsletter that we will publish after the training sessions with all the young peer mentors that will take place in Arnhem in June.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us to be updated on the new initiatives of the YCreate project!


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