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Newsletter #2

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

With the wind in its sails!

Guided by Rinova and Collage Arts, the YCreate partnership designed training activities that were piloted among youth workers, mentors and facilitators in Arnhem in June 2022. This followed the initial development of the YCreate curriculum and toolkit to enhance their skills and knowledge base so that they may fully understand the potential depth and breadth of their work and roles within a framework of self-reflection.

In Arnhem, the atmosphere was one of friendly collaboration, openness and curiosity.

Dozens of young people from the UK, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands, who hosted the blended mobility event, were able to get into the work of the previous months putting into practice, testing and fine-tuning the curriculum activities, providing invaluable feedback for the final versions.

The young YCreators also attended training on the project's next goal: creating human podcasts.

MuLab trainers guided the group in the activities, sharing the various stages of production and technical specifications. These were subsequently tested and put into practice, producing the first three episodes of the podcast.

The young people worked in groups sharing their stories, reflecting on their own experiences and differences, whilst expressing their points of view with their unique voices..

You can listen to the podcasts by following this link:

Here is some feedback from the young YCreators:

"The personal experience of the training held in Arnhem was exciting and constructive. The issues addressed were decidedly current and engaging from my point of view, given their link with our generation and the historical period we live in".

"At first, I had to settle in and break the ice, get out of my comfort zone, with the fear of feeling inadequate. Also, for this reason, I have further developed my problem-solving, adaptability and teamwork skills".

"The support given to us by peer mentors was also very useful along the way, who guided us in this experience by providing us with the right balance between support and autonomy, leaving us the space to express ourselves and to grow with their support".

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